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Online Timesheet
combining ease of use, flexibility and power.

Your organization is unique.
FDTpro adapts to it.
FDTpro offers all the advanced features you need.

Ease of use
Nobody likes filling out a timesheet.
FDTpro makes the experience more enjoyable.

A Unique Expertise
To find the strategy that will yield the results you want.

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Key Features

FDTpro as so many features that it is impossible to show them all here. These are the most popular ones. If you do not find the one you are looking for, contact us as we probably have it.

Allow your employees to request time off and supervisors to approve it right from FDTpro. This data will then be integrated into the timesheet. You will also have the history and an overview of all requests, which will facilitate your planning.
This module takes charge of communications associated to the tracking of requests. A calendar also provides a visual overview of upcoming time off in your team. Statutory holidays remain under the control of the administrators.

This feature will save you from doing manual follow-ups and constantly answering questions from staff regarding their various balances such as vacation, sick time and banked time.
The solution allows:
  • Users to view and monitor the evolution of their balances, or those of their team members.
  • Administrators to make balance adjustments and batch allocations.
  • To check that balances are sufficient when requesting time off.
  • To automate time banking, overtime calculations and the use of banked time according to your organizational practices and business rules

Tired of chasing down claims and receipts? With FDTpro, your staff can enter their expenses and travels on their timesheet and attach supporting documents. You will also kill two birds with one stone by approving expenses at the same time as the timesheet. Use this data to reimburse your staff and track project expenses.

A mobile application is also available for Android and IOS devices. It provides the same features as the web version. Depending on your needs, the application can be used to make timesheets or as a punch clock in the field.
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FDTpro is available in English or French. The solution can also combine the two, allowing each user of the same organization to choose the language they prefer to use.

The punch clock is used to collect data in real time. It performs precise recording of staff entry and exit times or task changes.
This feature is used in addition to and not as a replacement for the timesheet. This is just another way to collect the initial timesheet data. This data can then be edited as needed. The adjustments made are easy to identify, as the original data from the punch clock remains visible and cannot be modified.
Our online punch clock solutions are divided into two families:
Each person uses their own device. This can be a cell phone, tablet, or computer. Optionally, the GPS coordinates can be recorded when punching. This mode is suitable for field employees, but also for office staff.
Staff uses one or more common device, such as a tablet mounted on the wall. Optionally a Personal Identification Number (PIN) can be used to authenticate the person who is punching. This type of solution is particularly suitable in a factory or workshop setting.

FDTpro allows you to grant everyone with the combination of rights needed to perform their work.
Some rights apply to the entire solution, while others are broken down more specifically by user groups.
  • Creating, reading, approving, and locking timesheets or time off requests.
  • Access to reports.
  • Administration of the solution such as user or project creation.

The approval process allows everyone to validate the data they are responsible for and prevent unwanted modifications. The process may vary slightly from one organization to another, but in general it looks like this:
  1.  The employee submits their timesheet. This is their way of letting you know that it is complete.
  2.  A supervisor approves it. From that point, the employee can no longer modify it. If the timesheet is rejected instead, the employee will be notified by email. Note that approvers can delegate their approval rights during their absence.
  3.  An administrator (typically from the accounting or human resources department) locks everything in order to compile and process the data.

Does our staff sometimes (often!) forget to complete their timesheet on time? Do you want to stop chasing laggards?
FDTpro takes care of this by sending automated reminders to users who have not submitted their timesheet by the time you have determined. A dashboard also provides you with an overview of the status of all timesheets to facilitate tracking.

FDTpro is offered as an online service (SaaS) and works through your web browser. A simple Internet connection is enough to access it, which makes it available from anywhere, at any time.
The solution being very fast and efficient, it offers the same feel as a software that would be installed directly on your workstation, without having to install anything, or to set up a server.

FDTpro allows you to create virtually any report, in no time.
Use your reports for:
  • payroll processing.
  • invoicing customers
  • tracking budgets.
  • managing and analyzing your activities.
  • claiming SR&ED tax credits.
The report generator allows you to:
  • Save your favorite configurations to reuse or share.
  • Instantly view reports in your browser or download them (Excel or PDF).
  • Use the various filter criteria to define the data to include in your reports.
  • Choose from the available types of presentations (tables, detailed entry listings, or graphs).
  • Automate emailing of reports.

Various mechanisms are present throughout the solution to identify and notify users of inconsistent or missing entries. They can then make the necessary corrections before submitting their timesheet. You will save time by reducing follow-ups with your staff.
  • Mandatory fields.
  • Minimum number of hours to be entered in a week.
  • Overlapping hours.
  • Values that are too high or too low.
  • Prohibited combinations of choices in drop-down lists.

Save time and reduce the risk of errors by integrating FDTpro with your other software.
FDTpro is primarily a tool focused on collecting your data and generating reports. If you then need to use this data in another tool, such as a payroll processing system or accounting software, we can bridge the data exchange with that software. Such bridges have already been built with software such as Sage (simple accounting), Avantage, Acomba, Nethris, Ceridian, Employeur D, ADP, Maestro and even « in-house » software from our clients.
Data export can also be automated using an Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Identification and tracking of billed hours.
  • Customization of content in drop-down lists based on user groups.
  • Built-in search capacity for long drop-down lists to quickly locate the desired option.
  • Tracking of budgeted hours to analyze team performance and identify bottlenecks.
  • Retrieving data from the previous timesheet to create a starting point for a new week and save time.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) such as Azure AD to access FDTpro without having to enter a specific password.
  • Embedded training tutorials

We take the reliability and security of our solutions seriously. Many redundancy, monitoring and encryption measures are in place. The data collected is hosted on our own servers located in Canada, in a state-of-the-art Tier 3 certified data center.
Watch our collection of video tutorials to get an insight of our solutions.

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Customer Testimonials

« We appreciate working with this open-minded and flexible team of programmers adapting to our specific requirements. It's a pleasure to collaborate with a team having continuous improvement in mind. »
Véronique L’Abbé, Vice-president - Operations

« The deployment of FDTpro was fast and easy, exactly as we were looking for. The solution is easy to use and flexible through its configuration. »
Patrick Lefebvre, Project Manager

« Our staff and management team like FDTpro because it's easy to use and efficient. Our specific requirements were considered and quickly transformed into new features! »
Nathalie Noël, HR Manager

« FDTpro is a simple solution, for the employees entering their time as well as for the administrators. The development team is always available to customize the solution for us and answering our requests. »
Gino Villeneuve, Coordinator - IT services

« We particularly appreciate the flexibility of FDTpro and the ease of use that allows us to measure the cost of each project quickly and accurately. Support also deserves a good score and facilitates rapid integration. Congratulations for this remarkable tool. »
Réjean Gagné, Finance Director

« This solution was very easy to implement in our organization; users adopted it really quickly. FDTpro allowed us to standardize our timesheets and helped us save time and money. This is exactly the solution we needed »
Pierick Gagnon, Network Technician

« FDTpro has proven to be a valuable tool for our organization. We appreciate how FDTpro balances “off-the-shelf” standard functionality with flexibility to customize modules to meet our particular needs. »
Colin MacDougall, Corporate Services

« Since the implementation, FDTpro proved to be a very effective and easy-to-use tool. Integration with our working methods was easy thanks to the extraordinary effectiveness of the support offered. »
Luc Vouligny Eng., Engineering and IT Program Manager

« I like the professionalism of the FDTpro team because they listen to our feedback and they quickly react to our requests. FDTpro is easy to use and our staff likes it since the beginning. »
Julie Pepin, Chief Draughtswoman

« What I particularly like with FDTpro is the ease of use. I also appreciate the flexibility of the reports that we can create and the time it saves me. »
Amélie Lavoie-Coté, Office Clerk, PV Research Farm

« FDTpro reduces the risk of errors in the compilation of working hours and also simplifies the management of sick days, holidays and even travel expenses. Now we would have a hard time doing without this tool! »
Josée Bellemare, CEO

« FDTpro was readily adopted in our organization. Intuitive, flexible and highly efficient ... A gem! »
François Belzile, President


The solution is sold as a yearly subscription and the price depends on the number of users or employees.
The price includes : Hosting of the service, basic customization, support / training of administrators, maintenance and updates.

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